Reliable Gutter Solutions for Homeowners in Chicago’s Western Suburbs

While your gutters may not be the most exciting element of your home’s exterior, they are key in preventing water damage and extending the lifespan of your roofing system. If it’s time to have your gutters repaired, replaced, or to have them installed for the first time, Keenan Homes has you covered. As a full-service remodeling company that specializes in exterior home renovations, we are proud to offer a variety of specialized gutter solutions for our customers across the western suburbs of Chicago, Illinois.

The Benefits of Our Gutter Services

When correctly installed and maintained, gutters prevent water caused by rain and snow from being able to gradually damage a property’s exterior. If gutters are not properly installed, water will naturally flow along the outer walls of a home, which causes damp conditions that lead to mold and wet rot. This makes gutter protection essential for every property.

Not only does the Keenan Homes team have years of gutter replacement and installation experience, but they also excel at blending gutter systems with the architectural styling of each home. We offer a variety of:

  • Materials
  • Styles (including parapet, eave, and pitched valley gutters)
  • Colors
  • Gutter screens
  • Louvers
  • Solid gutter hoods

We work with homeowners and our strategic building product partners to find the right style, material, and size of gutter to ensure the best fit and to maintain architectural integrity.

Get Your Gutter Project Started

Stop water damage in its tracks with expert gutter services from Keenan Homes. Contact our team today to learn more about the gutter solutions we offer for homeowners in La Grange, IL, and across the western Chicago suburbs.

Five-Star Reviews

What Our Clients Are Saying

"Keenan Homes was great to work with. Good communication and much knowledge about the products we received. We are thrilled with the new windows and door. The installation was seamless. The installers were courteous, and fast, and did an amazing job of keeping the worksite clean."

Regina B.

Tampa, FL

"Other neighbors recommended Keenan Homes to us, and I highly recommend them to anyone seeking professional exterior work. We have windows coming up next and I look forward to having Keenan Homes for this project in the future."

G. Sellers

Tampa, FL

"We can't thank Keenan Homes enough for helping us with our exterior home renovation project! From color and product selection to communication and project management, Keenan Homes did not disappoint. The crews were professional, clean, and a pleasure to have around our home. Thank you for guiding us along the way - we couldn't be happier!"

Laura C.

Tampa, FL