Keenan Homes Offers Complete Exterior House Trim Installation, Repair, and Painting Services

Instead of asking themselves how to repair house trim in a way that looks beautiful and maintains a home’s architectural styling, homeowners who want to make their dreams a reality should just turn to the pros: Keenan Homes!  Not only is Keenan Homes a complete home remodeling company that’s based in LaGrange, IL, but it even offers exterior house trim repair, installation, and painting services.  Looking simply to touch-up a home’s outside appearance?  The cost to paint house trim actually fits into most budgets.  For more on the exterior home remodeling services offered by Keenan Homes or to discuss their own exterior house trim ideas, homeowners are invited to contact 708.937.9400 or today!

Exterior House Trim Ideas

Restoring a Home to Its Traditional Appearance

 An elaborate exterior house trim was often a signature part of Victorian Era homes, however most of this craftsmanship was destroyed when homes were ‘modernized’ in the 1950s and 60s.  Exterior house trim repair can help restore an affected home to its original appearance and, in the process, add to its value.


Replacing Rotted or Damaged Surfaces

Whereas wood and brass were the primary exterior trim materials used by builders in the past, modern home renovation contractors such as Keenan Homes can turn to advanced materials that are not only mere weather-resistant, but often less expensive that their traditional counterparts when they’re carrying out a house trim repair.


Repainting Exterior Trims

 Changing the color of a home’s trim can give it a refreshing new look at a fraction of the price of a complete exterior repainting or siding installation.  The cost to paint house trim has also been further reduced due to Keenan Homes’ strategic partnerships with premium paint manufacturers.


Adding Character to a Once-Bland Property

 While elaborate exterior trim is often associated with older homes, it can also be added to contemporary houses to add detail, depth, and character to flat or minimalistic surfaces.  New window and door trim can also add to the value of a home.


These are only a few exterior house trim ideas, however.  To discuss what you’d like to see in an exterior house trim repair or installation, contact 708.937.9400 or to speak to a professional from Keenan Homes.