Full Stairwell and Wall Renovation Services in La Grange, IL

Few touches can add a greater sense of grandeur to a home than a sweeping, carefully-executed stairwell design.  From perfectly balanced spirals to traditional squared-off styles that have been taken beyond the ordinary due to the addition of bullnoses and volutes, Keenan Homes is able to execute stairs remodeling projects that can give any home a new sense of luxury and sophistication.  Beyond a simple staircase remodel or replacement, Keenan Homes can also take down or modify a home's wall design to create entirely new spaces or open up the interior of a house’s main entrance way to more light and extra floor area.  Given that Keenan Homes can even carry out stair remodeling projects that are modeled after almost any style, why would any homeowner settle on having an old staircase simply repaired and repainted?  For more on the staircase and wall design options available through Keenan Homes, call 708.937.9400 or info@keenanhomes today!

Wall and Stairs Remodeling Ideas

Pairing a Compact Staircase with a New Wall Design

By reducing the run of a staircase through either adding a landing or replacing it with a spiral stairway, the overall floor area it takes up is drastically reduced.  When paired with a new wall design that has involved knocking down a nearby wall, the result is a revitalized, open space that projects sophistication and luxury.


Upgrading an Existing Staircase with New Railings and Details

Elaborate balustrades, fillets, and finials can make an otherwise dull stairwell design look like an architectural gem from the past.  Why not add the extra stairwell design touches that can make an ordinary home interior appear like its railing was completed by an Old World craftsman?


Adding a Bullnose and Volutes

When it comes to a full stair remodeling, why not include features, such as a bullnose and volutes, that can make even a modern home look like it was built in the 1920s?  The extra space at the foot of the stairs provided by a bullnose starting step even provides a casual place for guests and children to sit and relax during crowded parties.


Metal Railings

While wood is always a beautiful stair remodeling material, various types of metal railing materials, including wrought iron, are available.


Applying Retro Moldings/Trim

 Stairwell design often involves keeping the actual supporting structures exposed, however moldings and other types of artistic trim can be applied for a more  elaborate appearance.


Adding a Dramatic Balcony

The upper floor of an open concept stairwell design can also serve as a functional balcony.  Perhaps taking down a wall on a home’s second floor to create this effect is what’s needed for your home?


Open Concept Wall Design

Knocking down a wall can do more than just provide space for a new stairwell… It can also make the interior of a home look more welcoming and grand.  Conversely, putting up a wall can create new, practical work and entertainment niches.


Adding a New Stairwell

Not every aspect of stairwell design has to be about a major change to a home’s appearance.  A staircase remodel can actually add a second or third set of stairs to a home simply to improve privacy or accessibility.


Have any additional stair or wall design ideas?  Run them by Keenan Homes at 708.937.9400 or info@keenanhomes today!