Keenan Homes Offers Completed Kitchen Remodeling Services

Is there a home contractor that offers kitchen remodeling near me?  For any property owner in Chicago’s western suburbs, the answer is a clear YES: Keenan Homes!  Not only can Keenan Homes provide a complete kitchen makeover that involves removing and replacing surfaces, adding cabinets or shelving, plumbing upgrades, and appliance installation, but it can even help with kitchen design choices.  This is because its interior home remodeling contractors not only routinely work with premium fixtures and other products, but have the experience needed to help with kitchen remodel ideas, planning, and product selection.  The following are actually only a few of the options available through Keenan Homes to any property owner who would like to remodel kitchen, pantry, dining room, or other food preparation and serving areas.  To discuss other ideas for a kitchen makeover, contact Keenan Homes at 708.937.9400 or today!

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Kitchen Remodeling Ideas


Adding New Counter Surfaces

A kitchen makeover that incorporates new surfaces can increase the value of any home.  Marble countertops, for instance, can give even a modest-sized interior a sense of majesty and authority, while traditional wood surfaces add charm and a sense of warmth.


Installing New Appliances

Modern appliances that are installed as part of a major kitchen remodel can not only improve the look and feel of a home’s interior, but also decrease electrical and gas bills.  This is because newer appliances tend to be energy efficient or feature low power settings.  The latest technology can also make a kitchen design or layout appear modern, clean, and open.


Replacing Kitchen Cabinets

One of the simplest ways to upgrade a home’s food preparation areas is to install new cabinets.  Replacing kitchen cabinets can also increase storage space without the need for a major kitchen makeover that involves tearing down or opening up walls.


Installing New Lighting

Recessed or adjustable lighting can help homeowners adjust a kitchen’s brightness to match the mood of a meal or time of day.  Many contemporary kitchen design philosophies also revolve around using creative lighting schemes to make an eating or food preparation area look cozier.


Upgrading Fixtures, Sinks, and Food Preparation Surfaces

Stainless steel faucets can make a kitchen remodel look bold and distinctive.


Opening up Walls and Dining Areas

Keenan Homes is able to remove walls and create open concept seating areas as part of a complete kitchen makeover.  Such open kitchens not only have a friendlier and more accessible look, but are often easier to work in.


Installing Skylights and New Windows

Why rely solely on artificial lighting when a modern kitchen remodel can incorporate natural lighting via skylights and new windows?


These are only a few of the kitchen remodel ideas that homeowners are invited to consider.  Have your own?  Contact Keenan Homes at 708.937.9400 or to discuss them today!