Keenan Homes Offers Complete Bathroom Remodeling Services

If they’re looking for a premium bathroom remodeling, La Grange, IL and other area homeowners are invited to call upon the interior home renovation services of Keenan Homes.  Not only can Keenan Homes install or upgrade bathroom fixtures and amenities, but it can even match the look of a newly-installed bathroom with the style of a home’s other rooms.  From rustic to modern appearances, in fact, Keenan Homes has the experience and skill needed to get any interior bathroom remodeling just right.

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Hiring quality bathroom remodeling contractors has more benefits than simply improving the aesthetics of a home remodeling project…Though a beautiful new bathroom does add to the value of a home.  A bathroom renovation can help discover undetected plumbing issues, for instance, or even improve the overall quality of life within a home through the installation of features such as hot tubs, larger sinks and showers, additional electrical outlets, or even safety and health-related upgrades like support railings for elderly or disabled individuals.  These are only a few of the reasons why, if they’re planning a bathroom remodeling, La Grange, IL homeowners are invited to consider all of the bathroom renovation services offered by Keenan Homes.

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An upgrade to Premium Fixtures- Keenan Homes is a bathroom remodeler that can easily install a number of upmarket fixtures, including brass products.

Enhancing the Overall Look of a Home- A complete bathroom remodeling can raise the value of any property.  When carried out by Keenan Homes, it can even be accomplished in a way that maintains or enhances the overall appearance of a home's interior.

Improving the Plumbing Situation within Any Bathroom- A thorough bathroom remodeling often involves upgrading or replacing the underlying plumbing within the room.  This can lead to improvements in water flow and control.

Installation of New Features- There’s no reason why a bathroom renovation can’t involve adding new features such as enlarged bathtubs, hot tubs, or even upgraded electronics.

Marble Always Brings out the Best- along with premium brass fittings, Keenan Homes can also install marble counters and other surfaces.

Improved Lighting- Along with new artificial lighting, Keenan Homes can also improve natural lighting by creating sunroofs, new windows, or even expanding the overall bathroom area.

Safety- Keenan Homes is a bathroom renovation contractor that can install and test safety-related items such as bathtub handrails, specialized tubs and washing areas, or floor surfaces that offer enhanced traction.

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