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Every square inch of a home’s interior that’s either not used or isn’t used to its potential is wasted.  Unfinished attics and basements, rooms that members of the household rarely enter, and even areas that should see heavy traffic but are avoided because they have an impractical layout or are unattractive are all home interior spaces that the property owner is heating, supplying electricity to, and even being taxed on that are going to waste.  Fortunately even a simple interior home remodeling can bring those spaces back to life, however, and Keenan Homes is the area home improvement company with the professional experience needed to turn any neglected space into a thriving center for the family.  Even when it comes to upgrading areas that are already always busy, a fresh interior home remodeling project that’s carried out by the experts from Keenan Homes can both enhance the functionality of the area and maximize the overall value of the property itself.  For more on the interior home remodeling options that are available or to begin planning a project, contact Keenan Homes at or 708.937.9400 today!



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Bathroom Remodeling

Installing new fixtures, a bathtub with antique styling, premium tiles, or even adding improved lighting are just a few of the actions that can make a bathroom renovation a stunning success.  Brass and marble surfaces can even raise any home interior to the next level of style and sophistication.

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Kitchen Remodeling

While kitchen renovations are often included within larger interior home remodeling projects to ensure that each room within a house carries a consistent feeling and appearance, they also have the added benefit of improving the overall practicality of what is often the most trafficked room in a home.  New appliances even save electricity and offer new food preparation options, while an improved layout can make it easy for everyone in the household to navigate around the kitchen.

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Finishing Attics and Basements

Home interior renovation projects are often about putting unfinished areas to good use.  An empty attic, for example, can become a guest bedroom, while an uncompleted basement is the ideal place to put an entertainment room, gym, or even office.


Additions and New Interior Spaces

Because Keenan Homes is a home improvement company that specializes in both exterior and interior home remodeling, it can create additions that expand the overall usable space of a property.  From dedicated work offices to family and lounge areas, these new home interior spaces can eliminate the sense that a property is too cramped or constricting.

Stairwells and Walls

Sometimes the best option for an interior home remodeling project is to reconfigure the layout of several rooms at once.  This may involve either adding or knocking down walls, adding doorways, or even creating new stairs.  Even when no significant changes in a living space’s layout are required, a home interior can often benefit from a refurbished stairwell.

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An Interior Home Remodeling Project is the Chance to Bring out Creativity

While bathroom, kitchen, and space renovations are some of the services provided by Keenan Homes, it can execute just about any project because of its status as a complete exterior improvement and interior home improvement company.  Have additional ideas?  Contact or call 708.937.9400 to discuss them with one of the experts at Keenan Homes today!