Keenan Homes Offers Full Exterior Door Installation Services

Among the many services provided by Keenan Homes is the installation of exterior home doors, including home front doors, exterior service doors, patio doors/sliding screens, and even upper floor doors for home loggias.  Because Keenan Homes is a full interior and exterior home remodeler that maintains strategic alliances with a number of premium suppliers, it can not only install the best exterior doors for home use that are available on the market, but also ensure that every exterior upgrade is consistent in terms of material quality and architectural style, meaning that every lighting fixture, deck enhancement, window, or home exterior door fits into a renovation.  Since Keenan Homes also specializes in front exterior doors for homes, it can even create new entranceways rather than simply replace existing products.

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Why Keenan Homes?  The Installation of Exterior Home Doors is One of its Specialties


Creation of Entirely New Entranceways and Living Areas

As a complete home renovation company that is able to create new living spaces and additions, Keenan Homes can do more than just a one-for-one replacement of exterior home doors.  It can also build entirely new entranceways that are enhanced with grand home front doors, exterior receiving areas, and other refinements.

Consistency across an Entire Renovation

Because Keenan Homes not only installs home exterior doors, including front exterior doors for homes, but also windows, fixtures, and other elements that are part of the outside of a house, it can ensure that any work it completes as part of a thorough renovation looks complete throughout.

Quality, Weather-Resistant Products

Keenan Homes always uses premium products whenever it carries out the installation or replacement of exterior home doors.  This translates to superior weather resistance, energy savings, safety, and durability.

The Unique Exterior Home Door Selection Needed for Any Project

A broad selection of premium suppliers means that Keenan Homes is able to offer the best exterior doors for home rehab projects that involve historic or landmark properties.

Centrally-Placed Location in La Grange, IL

As a La Grange, IL-based home renovation company, Keenan Homes is able to provide doors for home remodeling projects throughout the western suburbs.  For more information on its services or to begin planning an exterior renovation that involves the installation of exterior home doors, call 708.937.9400 or contact today!