Turn any Home into the Jewel of the Neighborhood with an Exterior Renovation by Keenan Homes

An exterior home remodeling is a chance to bring out a property’s true potential. If done correctly, it can not only turn a previously anonymous home into the jewel of the neighborhood, but also reduce long-term heating and cooling costs by sealing the interior off from the elements. But how can property owners find a home improvement company that not only offers exterior remodels that are done correctly, but also stay on budget and on time? Look to Keenan Homes. Not only is Keenan Homes known for completing exterior home remodeling projects that are carefully planned and executed, but its ability to offer complete exterior remodels that cover roofing, window and door installation, trim work, gutter and drainage system fitting, and a host of architectural and other style-oriented services assures that the final product of even an extensive renovation looks consistent and attractive. Due to its strategic supplier relationships, Keenan Homes is even able to offer surprisingly low estimates on exterior home remodeling projects that use premium materials. For more information or to begin planning an exterior renovation today, call 708.937.9400 or contact info@keenanhomes.com!  Ask us how you can pay for your roof repairs with insurance!

Window Installation

Not only can new windows improve the feel of a home, but they also reduce heating and electrical bills by sealing off gaps that may be exposed to the exterior environment.

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Trim and Accent Work

Housing styles may vary, however one thing that every quality exterior home remodeling project has in common is that it produces a consistent and architecturally attractive end result.  It’s for this reason that Keenan Homes is the home improvement company for anyone who has been thinking of refurbishing an old Victorian porch or restoring the trim on any other type of historic property to its original appearance.

Siding Service

One of the fastest and simplest exterior home remodeling options is to install new siding.  Not only can Keenan Homes apply new siding to any house with little fuss or delay, but its strategic alliance with premium suppliers means that homeowners are able to get the best materials on the market at a budget-friendly price.


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Decks, Gazebos, and Other Exterior Structures

A thorough exterior home remodeling project never lets outdoor areas go to waste.  Why not increase the functionality of that unused space by the side of the house by adding a new deck?


Not only can a new roof improve the appearance of a home, but it also provides extra protection against the elements.  Turn to Keenan Homes for a home remodeling company with a superb reputation as roofers!

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Lighting and Other Fixtures

Nothing completes a thorough exterior home remodeling project like the addition of attractive and practical lighting to walkways, decks, and other heavily-trafficked areas.  Fine brass work can even give a once average exterior a cozy feel.

The Homeowner’s Imagination is the Limit!

While these are a few suggestions for exterior home remodeling projects, property owners are invited to discuss their own ideas with Keenan Homes by calling 708.937.9400 or contacting info@keenanhomes.com.