Keenan Homes Offers Full Attic and Basement Finishing Services

Why should homeowners accept having space within their property that they’ve already paid for, insured, and routinely heat/cool… Yet can’t even use?  Given that finishing attic space or finishing a basement can give a family extra entertainment, office, storage, and even sleeping areas, there’s absolute zero reasons why they should ever feel the need to live with extraneous rooms.  Instead, they should let Keenan Homes, a La Grange, IL based home remodeling contractor, turn a home's underutilized areas into spaces every member of the family can enjoy!


But what does it cost to finish finish attic space?  How much to finish a basement?  The answer, simply put, is that finishing a basement is often one of the least expensive and simplest ways to increase useful interior space, as almost all of the needed structural elements are already in place.  Since finishing attic space or finishing a basement involves converting pre-existing space the homeowner has already paid for into useful areas, it also always makes fiscal sense.  To discuss their finished attic or finished basement ideas, homeowners are invited to contact Keenan Homes at 708.937.9400 or today!

Finished Basement Ideas

Home Entertainment Centers

By moving a home’s TV and gaming focus to a dedicated space in the basement, families open up a living room for more formal activities.  Because it offers full home interior renovation services, Keenan Homes is capable of finishing a basement with all the additional electrical work that’s needed to power HiDef stereos, large screen TVs, gaming centers, and other entertainment devices.


Home Offices

In an era where e-commuting has become common, some of the most popular finished basement ideas involve installing home offices.  Adding climate and humidity control equipment can even make previously unusable basements computer-friendly.


Exercise/Play Rooms

 Finishing a basement with new flooring, lighting, or additional walls is always a great ideas when creating new areas for exercise or play.  A more mature ambience can even be created by adding a bar and pool table.


Workshops/Craft Rooms

Traditional finished basement ideas often incorporate a utility-oriented work or craft room.  Featuring benches, improved lighting and ventilation, power tool stations, and additional cabinets/lockers, a basement work area is perfect for anyone who enjoys hands-on activities.


Finished Attic Ideas

Guest Bedrooms

 A finished attic that includes additional bedrooms not only makes it easier to host guests, but also provides extra space for an expanding family.


Studios and Libraries

 With new window installation and improved insulation, any finished attic can be used as a bright and comfortable studio or library.


These are only a few finished attic and finished basement ideas, however.  For more on the cost to finish attic or basement areas as well as to discuss your own interior renovation concepts, contact Keen Homes at 708.937.9400 or